Who Can Volunteer?

Student Volunteers

Youth are recruited from the local middle and high schools in Lawrence County.  Teen respondents who have successfully completed their court requirements are also eligible and encouraged to volunteer.  All volunteers MUST attend training which is facilitated by licensed attorneys.  Training is held monthly with debriefing training following each court night.


All forms are in Adobe PDF format

Adult Volunteers

Adults are recruited to assist on court nights as court monitors and organizational personnel.  Each court hearing, there is one adult monitor that sits in on court and the jury deliberation to assure that proper procedures are being followed.  Adult volunteers are also utilized to check in the students on the court night, monitor the hallways, assure that the jury panels are seated and general housekeeping duties.  Lawrence County Teen Court utilize adult volunteers from the local police departments, local attorneys, law clerks, and liaison officers.  All volunteers have previously passed background checks.